Grand Canyon

Leadership Team


Steve & Jennie Pitt

Founders | Senior Leaders

Pastors Steve and Jennie are the founders of Majesty, and have both been involved in serving the body of Christ for the past 27 years. They attended the Christian Bible Training College at Durban Christian Centre (DCC), South Africa and were ordained into ministry in 1996 by Dr Fred Roberts (Founder of DCC) and Dr Bill Hamon (Founder of Christian International). They have been pastors for the last 20 years and pioneered three churches, as well as ministering in Dartmoor top security prison, which saw many giving their lives to Christ. Their heartbeat and passion is to raise up "Champions for Life" that are leaders of integrity, advancing the Kingdom of God, and seeing lives impacted by the gospel.  

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Vijay & Lizzy

Marketplace | Worship Leader

Lizzy leads the worship ministry at Majesty, and has a vision to raise up generations of worshipping warriors that carry the heartbeat of God and "Be His Voice" in the nations. She has a passion for seeing worship that moves in Spirit and in truth and is not contained "in a box".

Vijay leads a marketplace ministry called Convergence which exists to train and support believers to become leaders of change across the major spheres of society (Family, business, education, government, media, arts & entertainment). He has a passion to see nations transformed through believers that passionately pursue their Maker, and are fully engaged with their God-given destiny.

Vijay and Lizzy have been married since 2013 and have two beautiful children.