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The ministries and networks of Majesty have codes of conduct that we expect all involved to adhere to, so that we honour God in all that we do, representing Him well, and living Godly lives

  • Every person working with or are aligned with Majesty, it's ministries our networks must be a born again Spirit filled believer of Jesus Christ.

  • We expect believers to have a lifestyle prayer, praise and worship, and reading the Bible.

  • Believers must be committed to a local church family.

  • Believers must be In agreement to our statement of faith - Read here

  • We expect believers to be cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.

  • We expect believers to be honouring others in what they say and do through the love of God.

  • Believers must be a person of financial integrity whether personal, work or business related, or other means.

  • Believers must be focused on glorifying Jesus rather than seeking to glorify themselves.

  • Believers must not be involved in any type of sexual sin, racism, drugs, gambling, getting drunk on alcohol, or other sins in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6:9, the ten commandments, and other scriptures listed in the Bible. 


Alignment with our ministries is voluntary and withdrawal of alignment can be made at anytime.


Failing to comply with the expectations set out above, can result in a withdrawal of a person or church’s alignment with us.

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