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Discover your assignment in god's
1 day worKshop | SATURDAY 25TH MAY 2024 | 10AM - 4PM

"Many believers are frustrated because they know there’s more they’re supposed to be doing for the Kingdom of God but they lack clarity in what they’re called to do, they don’t know what they gifts are or how to use them more effectively, or they're unsure on how to get started in the purpose God has for them. They hate the feeling of wasting each day unfulfilled in their current status and not knowing what to do about it"

This workshop is for you -  Vijay, Majesty Champion Centre

workshop agenda

time: 10am-4pm

session 1: god's kingdom agenda

The higher purpose that every believer's calling aligns with

Session 2: your secret calling

Discover your unique assignment in God's Kingdom


How to become effective in deploying your unique gift cluster in the areas you're called to

Session 4: Launching into your assignment

Keys to get started quickly and effectively


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Your secret Calling.png



Leanna Cinquanta ignites movements, raises up world changers, inspires  audiences, innovates solutions that multiply, and is a living example that with  God, nothing is impossible. One of her mottos is, “Leap for the moon; if you  miss, you’ll still land on a mountaintop!” She is a published author and founder  of WIN (We Ignite Nations), discipling whole communities through sustainable  Christ-based solutions that end poverty, illiteracy, and human trafficking. 


Homeschooled, by age fifteen Leanna had helped her parents build four homes,  had become an equestrian, learned to fly an airplane, and had also become an atheist. Then she experienced a dramatic face-to-face encounter with Jesus. Her  shocking, one-of-a-kind salvation testimony has been featured on The 700 Club,  God TV, TBN, Daystar, and many other platforms.  

Responding to vivid dreams, in 1996 she laid aside a budding equestrian career  and set out for a region of the world then known as “the graveyard of  Christianity” and a “poisonous hub of human trafficking.” The organization  today known as WIN (We Ignite Nations) began in the living room of Leanna’s  parents’ 800 sq. ft. home. 

Over the next 25 years, prayer, persistence and persecution along with amazing  miracles resulted in the once “graveyard” becoming a vineyard of spiritual  deliverance and physical transformation, with over 40,000 churches planted,  innovative solutions to poverty, and hundreds of children saved from the horrors  of trafficking. As a side project, Leanna also leverages a little-known digital  method to influence millions. 

Leanna earned her M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and received Regent  University’s “Outstanding Graduate” award in completion of her Doctor of  Ministry degree. Dr. C. Peter Wagner considered her “the most competent field  missiologist” he had ever known.  

On account of Christ, Leanna has been in jail, blacklisted from two nations, and  miraculously un-blacklisted from one.  

Her high-energy messages draw listeners to the edge of their seats. Her ministry  is an infusion of radical faith, global vision, and out-of-the-box strategy  equipping participants to influence their communities for good and for God.  

Leanna’s newest book, Your Secret Calling, reveals the long-hidden biblical  pathway to multiply the power of the Gospel, transforming both souls and  society. 




In 2006, whilst looking for his purpose in life, Vijay was alone one evening in his parent's living room and had an encounter with God and gave his life to Christ. It then took over 2 years to understand what God was calling him to do, with a major aspect of that to help other Christians find and fulfil their own God-given callings.

He's spent over 15 years helping others through workshops, one on one coaching, training in discipleship classes and speaking at events in the areas of destiny discovery, understanding your gift mix, and strategy. 

He has a vision to see millions of believers becoming fully engaged in their God given purpose in order to change and transform the world around us. 

He also works in the tech industry helping businesses to maximise the value they create for their customers in order to generate greater revenue.

God often gives him blueprints to identify major bottlenecks that hinder people and businesses from being 3-10X more effective in what they're called to do.

He's currently finalising an online destiny discovery course. 

He's married to his wife Lizzy, who is the main worship leader at Majesty, and they have two beautiful children.


Registration is required

Saturday 25th May 2024 - 10am - 4pm

*Lunch is not being provided.

There is parking on-site. Please enter the university from Sanderson Road and press the buzzer. When asked please let them know you are from Majesty. 

Bucks New University
3rd Floor
106 Oxford Road

Nearest train or bus station - Uxbridge

*Uxbridge campus. Please do not go to the High Wycombe location

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